power wheelchairs st louis

A power wheelchair is a wheelchair that is propelled by an electric motor rather than manual power.  Motorized wheelchairs are powered with rechargeable batteries and the user will control the mobility with a joystick.  The chair will move in the direction that the joystick is pointed.  Motorized wheelchairs are useful for those that may not be able to manually propel themselves or who may need to travel longer distances.

Power Wheelchair Common Questions

Yes, the joystick controls the speed of the chair and the joystick can be programmed to increase or decrease the minimum and maximum speed.

Each chair and manufacturer will be different but under normal use, you can expect about a 10-15-mile range with a full charge.  Manufacturers recommend fully charging the batteries at least once a week.

Med X change LLC offers a full-service repair shop for parts and repairs of your equipment.  Our certified technicians can diagnose and repair all wheelchairs that we sell and typically any other brand that we do not sell.  We can perform repairs in our shop or our technicians can come to you at your convenience.  Service calls are made for an additional charge.

5-year limited on the frame

13-month limited on electronics

13-month limited on drive motors

6-month limited on batteries

This warranty information is standard but can vary depending upon manufacturer.  Please read warranty information before purchase.

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