mobility scooters st louis

A mobility scooter is designed to allow for continuous mobility for those that may need assistance to complete basic tasks or travel.  They are helpful for those users that may not have the strength or flexibility to propel a manual wheelchair.  They can be used indoors, outdoors, or on a variety of terrains depending upon the model you choose.  Whatever your needs may be, MedXChange will have a scooter that is just right to meet the demands of your lifestyle.

Mobility Scooters Common Questions

A 3-wheel scooter will allow for turns in a tighter space.  Most models have anti-tip wheels to make them safe and stable.  A 4-wheel scooter will have a bigger floor board for more foot space and the scooter will be more stable with a wider base.

There are several factors that will contribute to the length of a charge including the weight of the user, the terrain being traveled on, the speed being traveled, and the age of the batteries.  A typical charge under normal conditions should allow a user to travel anywhere from 6 miles up to 30 plus miles depending upon the model.

The basic model scooters can accommodate up to 250 pounds where as a heavy-duty model can accommodate up to 500 pounds.  There are many other models that fall within that range.

Limited lifetime on the frame

2-year limited on electronics

2-year limited on drivetrain

6-month limited on batteries

This warranty information is standard but can vary depending upon manufacturer.  Please read warranty information before purchase.

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