Med x Change, LLC offers a large in-stock selection of power recline lift chairs from the top manufacturers such as Pride Mobility and Golden Technology.  A power recline lift chair looks like a normal reclining sofa chair but will also lift to allow a user to get in and out much easier than a typical recliner.  These power chairs offer the ultimate in style and comfort as they are available in different fabrics and options such as heat and massage.  They are operated with the push of a button from a wired remote control.  Chairs are available in 2 position, 3 position, true infinite position, Trendelenburg position, and zero gravity position.

Lift Chair Common Questions

A power reclining lift chair offers the comfort and style of a typical reclining sofa chair while also assisting elderly or physically incapable persons of getting into and out of the chair with a simple push of a button.  A typical recliner may also be only adjusted using a manual handle and by using body strength to push the back of the chair into a reclined state.  Depending upon what position chair you choose, it will usually offer more recline options than your normal chair.

Probably the most important factor to consider is what position(s) do you need the chair to move to.  Will you be spending a lot of time in the chair?  Will you be sleeping in the chair?  If the answer is yes, you would probably be more comfortable in a true infinite position or zero gravity chair.  If not, a more basic 2 or 3 position chair might be a better choice.  Other factors to consider are the type of fabric, size and weight of user, and options.  Choosing leather or fabric may depend on if a person sweats a lot or may be incontinent.

Power recline lift chairs are often more expensive because they are operated by electric motors, offer more comfort, more positions, and more options than a typical chair.  The top manufacturers build these chairs from high quality materials to ensure that they are built to last.

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