Homecare beds are available in semi-electric, full-electric, and bariatric models.  These beds are constructed using welded steel frames.  The head and foot sections can be raised or lowered simultaneously or independently with one hand control. The motor unit and bed design provide the ultimate in quiet, smooth operation.  Med X change, LLC offers a large selection of new and used homecare beds to help you find what you need.

Bed Common Questions

A full electric bed is controlled completely with the electronic remote control whereas the semi-electric bed only has electronic control of the head and foot of the bed.  The height of the bed is raised or lowered by a hand crank.

The most common types of mattresses that are available for homecare beds are innerspring and foam.  There are some higher end mattresses available as well but would need to be special ordered.  All mattresses are manufactured with a vinyl protective covering for users that may sweat a lot or for those that may be incontinent.  Homecare mattresses are typically a little longer than a standard twin mattress, therefore twin XL sheets or homecare bed sheets will be needed.

Med X Change, LLC offers a full-service repair shop for parts and repairs of your equipment.  Our certified technicians can diagnose and repair all wheelchairs that we sell and typically any other brand that we do not sell.  We can perform repairs in our shop or our technicians can come to you at your convenience.  Service calls are made for an additional charge.

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